Investing in Energy, is Investing in the Future [Nicaragua, 2]

If there is a point that most of my sources agree with, whether they are in favor of or against the government, whether they are at the scientists’ sideline or on the field, it must be the future value of renewable energy: ‘investing in energy is investing in the future.’

As these countries are developing their economic and social situation, they are confronted with a rising energy demand; however, their energy demand is still far below the American or European demand. Combined with a rising electrification degree, the energy demand challenges the sector, and forces the sector to reform itself.

Renewable energy has to assure the future energy demand.

Combining the rising energy demand with a growing need for lower oil dependency and the recent climate agenda makes those countries look for renewable energy. Precisely to face future challenges and assure the future energy demand – in already changing climatologic circumstances.