[8] The Journey

Last article I wrote about the never-ending quest of the ever-changing track; and stood still with the unbearable gap between who we are and who we are supposed to be. Our society created an even bigger gap between both, feeding anxiety and emptiness.  


Many people get lost in our multimedia and social media-based capitalistic societies where there are so much social norms and expectations which nobody meets, because they are unreal as such.

When there are too many filters,
the true image gets lost.

People don’t get lost because they don’t have a track to walk on, but because they get confused between what they are intended to walk, and what society tells them to walk. There are too many filters, so the true image gets lost.

Just do it

Picture an infant, it doesn’t think if it should switch from crawling to walking, from mumbling to talking, from sipping a bottle to eating solid food. It just does it. Like Nike: just do it!

Ratio and logos
overrule pathos.

Unfortunately, over the pure soul of the infant, the intended path, various layers of norms and expectations will be drawn over the years. From what the infant is supposed to play with according to its gender, over what it is supposed to study or do in its free time based on its socio-cultural environment.

Eventually, the inner child that feels itself, gets silenced by the adult that knows it. Ratio and logos overrule pathos. However, in every single adult the inner child is still there, not as an immature being that doesn’t know how to walk and talk, but as the inner voice that refers to the inner soul and know which path it was intended to walk.

Too Young for Comfort

Hence, I also am getting on my intended path again. Maybe I am a gipsy, one who cannot find peace in staying in one place, but finds peace in being on the road. After a year and a half trying to settle, having built up a beautiful, comfortable life, I felt draining, becoming vain and empty, and standing the furthest away of who I really am.

I am too young
to settle for comfort

I lived a lovely life the last year and a half – despite my back injury and COVID – however it wasn’t mine. It was comfortable, but I am too young to settle for comfort. I can be more than the person I could be there.

I know who I am, and I would have to diminish or betray myself in order to fit in the place I was; which I cannot, which I should not, and would not.

The last weeks of my staying I started feeling empty, lost, and off-track. The day I left, I drove out, back on the road, I felt liberated, I felt back me, I felt back alive.

Live your Life

This is not a plea for all of us to abandon the houses and jobs and lives we have to get on the road and become a nomad as myself, however it is a plea to all of us to question the life you live and live the life that is truly yours.

My friends and I have a very different life, and we know of one another that we never would like to trade with one another; however, we respect each other’s choices and lives.

It is my life,
including the storms,
and the darkness.

Moreover, it helps us to chat with one another and get things in a different perspective, it is good not to be surrounded by all times by people with a similar mind or lifestyle, because that could lead to confirmation bias.

I tried more than once to change my life and live more like I am expected. It doesn’t work. Every time when I return to my path, I feel happier and more fulfilled. It confirms that my choice is the good one for me, that this path is mines – no matter how weird it might look like for the overall accepted social norms. I love it. It is my life, including the storms and the darkness. #NoFilter

Undone of all expectations, all claims made by others or society, this is my life, with its ups and down, its good, bad, and ugly sides. This path aligns my vision without filters. #NoFilter.

This path aligns
my vision
without filters.