[16] The Journey

An open mind opens options

The next morning, I start writing and organising myself. Getting a back-up of my pictures, writing and publishing my first blog, and editing some of the previous writing, while trying to make some progress on my university application. It is a slow and time consuming, bureaucratic process.

Even if I won’t be allowed, I know I will find another one or something else will come my way, as long as I keep on walking and looking. Life always gives us many choices; moreover, when we think we have to pick one out of two options, there often is a third one which is more suitable, or a fourth, or even fifth. It is all a matter of perspective, and thinking out of the box, being open-minded opens options.

An open mind opens options. @Sunshine Coast (c) finfinnews
An open mind opens options. @Sunshine Coast (c) finfinnews

Walking to Inner Peace

I go for a walk along the Noosa river, watch the boats floating up and down, peacefully, urbanisation at one side of the river, nature at the other. Birds fly back and forward, the sun rays turn the river into a shiny plate of glitter and gloom; my feet carry me as they couldn’t have carried me before.

I want to walk the restlessness out of my mind, go through my options, the choices I’ve made and the ones I’m about to make; and moreover, come to peace with my thoughts, with myself. Forgive me for the ones of the past and be hopeful and open-minded for those of the future.

Back in Lock-Down

While I’m walking freely along the river park where many families, couples, and individuals have gathered as well, spending their free time outside, in the open air, I hear how Melbourne and the entire state of Victoria are going back in lockdown.

Some COVID-cases have been detected outside of the quarantined zone, however linked to the hotel-quarantined area. It seems like the British variant, the recently discovered variant, is even more contagious and has spread through the ventilation system of the hotel. So even though not having been in direct and unprotected contact with the isolated COVID-patients, the guards would have been exposed to the virus. The battle isn’t over yet.

Open Mind, Opens Options

The contrast between the closed down world of Melbourne – and the majority of the world at the moment of writing – and the openness of my route is shocking. I know I am by all means in a luxury position that I can choose, that I have options, that I can keep my route open.

Yet, the past has taught me that even when it seems like there are no options at all, keeping an open mind is what opens up the options, creates opportunities, and eventually provides a way out. Maybe not immediately, but the light starts falling in as soon as you start moving the rocks that block the exit.

An open mind opens options. @Sunshine Coast (c) finfinnews
An open mind opens options. @Sunshine Coast (c) finfinnews