The Guatemalan Spring – Having a comedian as President is not funny [1]

Guatemala, November 2015 – March 2016

United we are stronger, demonstrated Guatemala in 2015. Huge manifestations forced the president to step down and set up new elections.

It was august 2015, outrage spread out over the people of Guatemala. The last corruption scandal of their government triggered controversy and protest. An unseen number of people, representing all levels of society – from the indigenous people from the mountains up to wealthy entrepreneurs of the City – took to the streets of Guatemala City, demanding justice and zero tolerance.

Justice was served.

President Otto Pérez Molina stepped down. His deposition was followed by new elections. Soon there would come a Guatemalan Spring – similar to the Arabic Spring years before. An episode of revolution and change would be provoked, according to the general assumption.

However the new elections turned out to be a farce. A lack of descent candidates and electoral absenteeism turned Jimmy Morales into the new president; he was a comedian, supposed to bring a new vibe to the political scene: he would be the one with no political connections, no corruption, and no injustice. The 14th of January was the day for Morales to take power.

In the winter of 2015-2016 I went to Guatemala, to  follow the ones keeping the revolutionary thoughts alive, and found out that Jimmy Morales wasn’t as innocent as people thought he was, but a president who would bury the revolution and promises of zero tolerance and zero injustice even before they were awaken.

My investigation was published on MO* and Oneworld.

A resume in English follows soon.


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