Renewable Energy in Central America – A Future Created in the Past [2]

Central America, November 2016 – February 2017

The future was created in the past. While global warming forces leaders globally to rethink their climate goals and policies, a tiny region provided answers about half a century ago.

Central America started using renewable energy while global warming wasn’t measured or yet known. Anno 2017 these countries reach high shares of renewable energy in their electricity matrix, up to 99% in Costa Rica.

The region accomplished what some western countries can only dream of.

I went to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras to check it out. How can these countries provide answers to actual global dilemmas: answering a rising electricity demand while emitting less greenhouse gasses.

My entire investigation appeared in the Belgian magazine MO*. Additionally, I wrote down some remarks, observations and considerations about the topic, written on the field, but not exclusive of regional interest. Start reading in the following posts here at!

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