His Way or the High Way [Nicaragua, 3]

As written before Daniel Ortega got reelected and continued his autocratic leadership, with its advantages and disadvantages. Ortega does it his way, so while other countries are figuring out how to point the noses in the same direction, Nicaragua sets up its own strategy, mitigating the climate change by implementing more renewable energy and setting itself a goal of more than 90% renewables in 2017. The year has started  and the goal hasn’t been reached, but they did realize a lot, doubling the share of renewable energy.

And Ortega did it his way: because in contrary to other countries Nicaragua is one of the few countries not ratifying the Paris Agreement of 2015, it continued its view in the COP22, 2016.

Nicaragua does not believe in the story of international climate conferences.

They don’t believe in the story of the international climate conferences. Nicaragua sees those countries coming together, discussing, making good intentions but leaving finally without any concrete strategy. Promises and words rather than deeds and results. So Nicaragua did it its own way. It did not sign up the international climate conferences, but it did set up a national climate policy – and succeeded in realizing its goals; ambitious, not about to reach yet, but definitely on their way.