Becoming the Biggest [Honduras, 2]

When it comes to energy the Honduran government announced with proud its strategy to become the biggest: a regional leader, in terms of renewable energy and in terms of electrification. However  they are not there yet, not even as close as their neighboring countries are, such as Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Honduras will become the biggest.

When inaugurating the windfarm Cerro de Hula, close to the capital Tegucigalpa, they announced to set up the biggest windfarm in Central America, counting for 102 Mega Watts of installed capacity. The same claim was made for the solar parks in the south of the country, which were considered by the president as the biggest solar parks in Latin America at the moment of installation in 2015.

However considering the many black-outs and electricity exportation, it is not clear who precisely will benefit of this leading position, nor which specific transformation the Hondurans might expect as a consequence of the energy transition.

In the meantime hydropower – like the pictured El Cajon – remains the largest carbon neutral energy source of the country.