[43] Rosario – Celebrating on a Sad Note

Rosario is the third most populated city of Argentina, after Buenos Aires and Cordoba, but at the same time Rosario has the highest amount of green space per inhabitant; which benefits people and planet.

There are about 12 square meters of urban greenery per habitant, while the average in Buenos Aires is about 3.5 square meters. Rosario would count about 24 parks, 124 squares, 51 small squares, 24 greenways, and 228 other green spaces; covering in total 6.3% of the city’s superficies.

It is obvious, walking through Rosario can be like a walk in the park, or in the city; however, it is a combination of both in the end.

National Celebration

When I’m in Rosario it is an interesting day for the city, and for Argentina in general. The economic crisis due to the devaluation of the Argentinean Peso is increasing tremendously.  The value of the Pesos is every day the first headline in the television news and newspapers. Moreover, the relationship between President Mauricio Macri and the IMF is a delicate debate; which will become more visible in a few days during the manifestations in Buenos Aires.


In Rosario today, the topic is vivid as well, because it is a national holiday. Today is the day of the national flag, and I’m not sure if any other country celebrates specifically its national flag. Anyway, Rosario is the place to be, since the national flag was created in this city, which is by the way the city of birth of Ché Guevara.

President Macri is supposed to visit the city and participate at the monument of the flag. All Argentineans have a day off, and normally many of them head to Rosario for this special day.

Writing History

Today, the park around the monument is crowded with people sharing maté and gathering together. It is cold, but the sun and the maté are warming. Nevertheless, it is not that crowded as it should be for this special occasion, today could pass like a normal Sunday. Neither are there special ceremonies or activities to celebrate. The celebration ends at a sad note.


Maybe because the president has not shown up; he cancelled his visit last minute. Due to the economic crisis? Or the threat of the manifestations against him which were announced if he would show up?

The day passes, by the end the sun sets in the river, the park gets empty again, and the next day is already knocking the door. Today was just another lazy Sunday, however it will be written in the history of Argentina as one of the only National Flag Days that the president did not attended.


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