[60] 2018 – Back and Forward

When an episode, as a year, comes to an end, many of us think back and forward. About what has happened, what might have happened and what shall happen in the future.

Considering sustainability, energy transition, and climate change, thinking of the future might result in hope – seeing all the good practices around, the rising awareness and eagerness – or in despair – seeing political leaders turning their back, companies continuing polluting and even citizens losing their faith.

My profession as a research journalist takes me on a long journey between both, being shaken from hope to despair and vice versa; albeit hope is eventually what will make us move. And there is a lot going on!

The beginning of 2019 I was in Colombia, travelling down the entire continent, to meet up with so many inspiring people, acknowledged and/or eager to give the world their best, often by taking very small local steps. At the moment of writing I’m back in Asia, where despites the frequent discussed problems, several seeds have been planted to grow to a more sustainable world, from bamboo straws to waste collection actions, from replacing old diesel generators on an island to connecting it to the grid, however a small local energy grid based on renewables would probably be even better.


Eventually, this is where it is all about. Taking small steps in the now, to make tomorrow a better place. We cannot turn back the time, and we cannot predict what is about to come; but we can take full responsibility of the current situation we are at.

Even though, some big companies and politics are gathering together and often getting stuck in palaver, letting to struggle their economic, electoral and other interests with the ecological interests of the world. Releasing the beast of indecisiveness.

That should not be an excuse to take action for us; if almost 8 billion people on the earth would even take the smallest step, a large distance can be run. Moreover, if they show to lead, the leaders will have to follow.

With this in mind, I wish you all a happy 2019. With regards to ecologic and any kind of  growth in your life, I would advise not to make a bunch of good intentions. Just stick to the ones you make, so the road will develop accordingly.

mae hon son - bamboo brige - rice fields 3


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