[62] Koh Muk – Take it or Leave it

He told they have to adapt, that people always adapted and they will do it again. Fact, but not everyone, especially not the ones who are most vulnerable for climate change.

It is a bold statement to say that the ones vulnerable for climate change will not adapt. Are they stubborn or stupid, would an unknown ask? None of that, but they are left alone in the global debate.

During the global climate conference, COP 16 – in Cancun, the – sorry for the terminology – developed countries pledged to create a funds – the Green Climate Fund – to assist developing countries for climate change adaptation and mitigation measures. Pledging a ‘just transition’.

The Fund never got as fundamental as it was supposed to be. Moreover, during the last climate conference in Katowice, where a concrete set of rules must had been elaborated to bring the Paris Agreement into action, passed by the funding part all together. The just transition in words would remain one in words.


Nevertheless, some voices in the debate always appoint to the possibility of humankind to adapt to the new situations. Moreover, with regards to the rising sea levels, lower countries such as the Netherlands – which is even named to its position below the sea level – are always given as an example of how the rising sea level does not necessary converts land into ocean, but that humankind could convert that ocean back into land; or, prevent the ocean to take the land.

I see, and the system of the Netherlands is genius, and noticed by many other countries who are seeking the Netherlands as a country or its companies for advice. However, walking on the island, I wonder how they will adapt, besides leaving the island and heading to the mainland.


Seriously, I see the dike system made of wood and backs of sand. Nothing compared to the system of the Netherlands. Moreover, I see houses at less than one meter of the coast during high tide. Tell me, how will they adapt?

Rising the wooden pillars? Pulling the houses down and move them land inwards? Or move out all together? Some countries and coastal places are supporting the mangroves and natural ecosystems around the islands and coasts to function as a natural barrier against flooding, which it has done before it was removed by human activity. There might be one of the solutions, returning back to nature. But would that be sufficient? Will they be able to adapt or would they have to leave?


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