[129] Cairns – Plastic Free July

July is the plastic free month! Since I am in Cairns this month, I’ll take you shopping to reduce your plastic consumption where it starts for you: in the shop – and where companies should actually intervene – in the production process BEFORE it ends up in the shops.

So, on my vlog you can check out the story alive, and for your convenience, I wrap up the 10 easy fixes to reduce your plastic consumption without any effort!

  1. Bring your own shopping back
  2. Don’t buy prepacked fruit and vegetables
  3. Avoid the cucumber condom by all means
  4. Avoid prepacked meat, fish and cheese – if any avoid eating meat – and buy them at the fresh desk where they will wrap it in less polluting materials, or bring your own food container.
  5. Buy in large packages and avoid prepacked single items. Use your own food containers to separate biscuits to take to school for instance, and buy one large package of biscuits. It will be even cheaper !
  6. Buy paper, carton or glass packages that have less impact or are better recyclable, in stead of plastic.
  7. Buy stuff in packages that you can actually re-use as containers or decoration or jars.
  8. Buy solid soap and shampoo, rather than plastic bottled ones.
  9. Don’t buy bottled water, bring your own water bottle and fill up.
  10. Pick long-lasting products, so your packages over time reduce.

All the above-mentioned advices are easy fixes I apply myself in my life and they don’t require me any effort, nor money, just (long-term) thinking and making better decisions. I hope it helps you as well (while helping the planet 😉 ).

And keep posted for the next post, when we will literally dive into the reef!

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