[151] Happy New Year

I like to end every year with nominating one decision of the year, and evaluating if I have reached my goals for 2019; which I would love to share with you.

My decision of 2019 that deserves gold was going to New Zealand, seeing the light in a time of darkness. Australia was (and unfortunately is still) burning, feeling not only the menacing breath of climate change, but as well of the ignorance and unwillingness of some Australian politicians to deal with and even recognise climate change as such.

Precisely when I was there, the New Zealand government established the goal to become carbon neutral by 2050. Yet, we will see what happen, but I have seen good projects on its way and I am looking forward to see what they can realise, and maybe how they can guide Australia out of this mess.


At the same time, New Zealand showed me the light in terms of friendship and life in general. I couldn’t have realised the projects which I wanted to, if I wouldn’t have been in companionship of two astonishing ladies, who took me for a while of the solo travelling path. I cannot be enough grateful for them sharing my road for a short while, yet for almost 20 years after all.

At the same time, I can tell I reached the most important goals for 2019 as well. As  arriving in Australia, reaching the last continent on my list, besides Antarctica, but that is a story for later on. I wrote the articles I wanted to write, did the research I wanted to do, unfortunately did not get it published as much as I wished, but that is how media works.

At the same time, those media are increasingly converting multi-medial, hence so did I. Therefore, in 2019, I started making vlogs and podcasts, not to leave finfinnews behind, but to upgrade and upscale it, spreading the word.

Before arriving in Australia, I found in 2019 a beautiful route through Asia, ended with the memorable visit of a beautiful friend of mine who made me continue the route, there where I could have gotten stuck.


The entire route was absolutely unplanned, as all my travellings. Yet, it was the best route I could have taken. Eventually, it is not about the destination, but about the road. It is about your mindset and perspective. With the right attitude there is no wrong path, since every road taken will teach you something and bring you somewhere.

It might be tough and by moments exhausting and even unbearable, but every step you take, including every fall and rise, brings you somewhere where you had to be. The most valuable item we carry, is our backpack full of memories, insights and experiences. The only backpack they can never take away of you, and you can never lose. Whereas all my luggage got stolen in New Zealand, the memories and the experiences are still there. No one will ever take it, except for death or amnesia itself.


Walk your Way

Hence, if I may have one wish for all of you it is this: find your way, walk your way. Step by step. If you envision your targets, you will find a way to get there, no matter how long it might take you; no matter how many sideways you might have to take first. Know that there is no wrong way, as long as it is your way.

Don’t walk someone else’s way, because it will make you feel lost. Just thrust on your feet. Thrust on your heart and your mind. You’ll get there. One day.

And therefore, I belief – with every article I write, every audio or video I record – that we will find a way towards a more sustainable way. Step by step. Passo por passo. We will get there. One day.

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Happy New Year !

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