[12] The Journey

After a long drive and a few stops I end up at the Sunshine Coast, with the first real stop to be the famous surfer’s and beach paradise Noosa. I quickly get to discover why it is so famous for, the astonishing nature on top of the list.

I start with hiking in Noosa National Park. I start with walking along the busy beach walk track which is apparently the most frequently visited track in entire Australia. The lush rainforest at the right-hand side, and the ever-rolling turquoise waves at the other side. Surfers finding their way between rocks and dolphins from point-break to point-break, while the dark clouds contrast strong with the sea-through blue ocean.

Noosa, the surf paradise aside of the rainforest (c) finfinnews
Noosa, the surf paradise aside of the rainforest (c) finfinnews

Back in the bush, back in the time

At the end of the stroll, I’m leaving the mass behind and take the hill track back. I’m alone in the forest, the sandy path reminds me of being in Noosa, the Sunshine Coast, while the lush forest brings me back to where I was, the Whitsundays, and even more back to the endless bush walks I’ve done all over the world.

It reminds me of a hike I did in Malaysia once, I recall the feeling of freedom and joyful being lost, just wandering around and exploring. There was nobody all day long. I simply enjoyed being surrounded by trees, looking for pathways that might or might not have been the right ones, until the end of the track and the end of the day brought me back to reality.

Fake Snakes

I remember one asking me if I hadn’t been afraid for wild animals, like snakes, and I remember that I hadn’t been thinking of it. I’m sometimes more afraid of the imaginary snakes in my mind, than the real ones that could be potentially on my road.

I’m not afraid during the walk in Noosa, now I know what to do if I see a snake, and I thrust I will act accordingly, because I’ve been in those situations now before. During the Great Whitsunday walk, a 38km hike along the hill tops of the Whitsundays, I’ve encountered many snakes, especially the highly-poisonous black-red-belly snakes.

A few times I’ve nearly stepped on one, but I always was on time to step back, let the snake continue its path, so it let me continued mines. No harm at both sides. Walking away can be the wisest and strongest move.

Noosa, the surf paradise aside of the rainforest (c) finfinnews

Peaceful Separation

If we come in peace towards animals, most animals will come and go in peace as well. We don’t have to fight battles or proof each other who’s the strongest. The strength of both hides precisely in the peaceful continuation of each one’s path.

While continue walking through the eucalyptus trees, watching high up to the bright sky, and feeling small raindrops at the same time, I continue the practice of self-love, and try to keep my mind clean, allowing the light to come in, and let go of the darkness. I forgive myself; I forgive the others; we are all wounded souls, who might have been smarter to separate ways peacefully rather than fighting or flighting at first.

Healing takes time, and if we allow ourselves and each other time to heal; if we walk away continuing peaceful our own path, we all proof each other a favour, and show more strength than fighting it off. Walking away can be the wisest and strongest move.

Walking away can be the wisest and strongest move.