[13] The Journey

After the hike in the forest of Noosa National Park, I head out the Noosaville, where I stroll along the boardwalk. Small fisher boats and pleasure yachts are kissing the water surface, waiting peacefully for their owner to take them one day for a ride.

The Noosa River eventually ends up in the open ocean, of which I can see a glimpse out of the start of my journey.

Whereas Noosa itself is insane busy, and loaded with shops, tourism, and other commercial activities, the other side of Noosa Hill is peace itself. It is a natural reserve, where nothing of these elements of so-called civilisation is allowed. I love the contrast, it is peaceful, and beautiful.

Noosaville (c) Finfinnews
Noosaville (c) Finfinnews

Graceful Pelicans

Four pelicans are standing on the shore, only their feet in the water. They are fascinating animals, the way they fish, they float above the ocean until they see their prey, fly lower, snap everything they can with their extendable beak, and fly back up, swallowing their food at once.

Once in South America I watched how the pelicans floated over the ocean, close to the waves, floating on the air which was stirred up by the power of the waves to move forwards along the line of the white bouldering waves.

These birds are genius, and powerful, I admire them, respect them, and feel humble whenever I come across them. They know how to fly, and walk their intended path.

Written World

I return to Noosa Beach and read my book. The wind blows the sand all over me, but I’m so focused on reading that only a few hours later, when the book is finished, I discover how a white layer of sand covers my entire body and my clothes.

The wind hasn’t only speed up the movement of the sand, but also of the time. Hours have passed by since I’m here and I didn’t realise it at all. Being in the moment, in the flow.

Reading to me is a way of meditation, of mindfulness. I’m only here, my mind leaves my body behind, exploring another world, which only exists in the written words of the book.


I realise how it is actually all an act of self-care: yoga, Pilates, the gym, eating healthy, sleeping well, choosing the right people to hang out with, and letting go of the ones who wrong-do you, reading and learning to enhance self-growth, or just dissolve in another dimension, a written world, to disconnect for a moment from your own thoughts and rabbit holes.

It all contributes to listening to your inner voice, and walking the path you were intended.

However, in order for love to truly flow, you must forgive and accept. Forgive yourself and the others, and accept who you are and how the others are.

Noosaville (c) Finfinnews

The Trinity of Happiness

Love, forgiveness, acceptance. It is the trinity of happiness, inner peace and contentment.

Out of there you can walk the intended path and reach for your goals and the stars.

Therefore, I forgive myself for all the struggles, for having been so harsh on myself and weak and debilitated in other moments.

Therefore, I forgive all the ones that crossed my path and have hurt me. Because they too acted probably out of their own pain and wounds. Therefore, I forgive all those who knew but didn’t act, because they too acted out of fear and their own emotional wounds.

If you live out of love for yourself and for others, you don’t have to hustle for your worthiness, and won’t let others manipulate or dominate you. It is empowering and contributes to genuine happiness; because when you are in control of your love, you are in control of your happiness, rather than any externality.

Don’t seek for validation or love from the outside; it has to come from the inside. Don’t put your value, love and happiness in someone else’s hands. It belongs to you and to you solely. This all starts with the trinity of love, forgiveness, and acceptance, towards yourself and towards the ones around you.

Love, forgiveness, acceptance. It is the trinity of happiness, inner peace and contentment. Noosaville (c) Finfinnews
Love, forgiveness, acceptance. It is the trinity of happiness, inner peace and contentment. Noosaville (c) Finfinnews