Where I write, and where about….

  1. Latin America

I started writing on Latin America in general for various Belgian magazines, which I still do.

I wrote, among others, on


  1. Energy Transition and Climate Change

Spending a lot of time in Latin America, reminded me again of the importance of energy, and moreover of a sustainable energy model in all it means (social, economic, and ecologic). With my old passion renewed, I started writing on energy transition as well.

I wrote, among others, on the Energy Transition in Central America in 2016-2017

Climate change

International Climate Agreements


  1. Smart, and Sustainable City Development

With my focus on energy, I realized that the main energy consumers, and hence the key players in the energy transition where the cities, which are globally growing. As a consequence I started zooming in on Sustainable City Development, and Smart City Development.

Since 2017, I write about this topic worldwide on … (followed by some examples)


  1. Smart, and Sustainable Mobility

Mobility is a crucial part of city development, and of energy transition, so I have a keen interest on this topic as well.

Since 2017, I write about various elements considering the recent (r)evolution in the mobility sector, with among others…


5. Opening my audience and moving to Australia, I introduced new media to spread my message.