[15] 80 percent Lives in Cities

Asia hosts the biggest cities, but Latin America has the highest urbanisation rate. About 80% of the Latin Americans live in the cities; which might be interesting for the world since the global urbanisation rate is about to rise. By 2050 about 70% of the world population will live in cities.

The first country I will visit is Colombia, where its sustainability actions often stand in the shade of its narcos and guerrillas. Nevertheless, Cartagena has an ambitious plan to become a pioneering coastal city, while Medellin is willing to become the most innovative city, and Bogota is using eco-urbanism to cope with its exploding population.

After I’ll go to Ecuador, which is known for its exceptional biodiversity and high environmental awareness; no wonder Darwin chose the Galapagos Islands for its masterwork. Nevertheless, it will be the country’s cities, as Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca, telling me their story first.

Ecuador guides me into Peru where all its layers of history add up to the entire story of sustainability, or the lack of. The Machu Pichu might be the most famous, it is definitely not the only, nor the oldest part of it.

The Debate of the Future

Via the Lake Titicaca, I’ll arrive in Bolivia, but strikes overrule any other debate; or are they actually part of any other debate?

Anyway, one of those debates guides me seamlessly into its neighbouring country Chile, and it will continue me on my trip through various cities, until the capital Santiago de Chile. However, it looks more absent in its magical and arty city Valparaiso, and even more in its twin city, or should I say modern sister city?

The same debate of Bolivia and Chile plays a role as well in Argentina; nevertheless, strikes and the devaluating Peso colour most of the stories; from Mendoza to Buenos Aires, and on every city in between.

It stops in Uruguay, however their most sustainable and futuristic project will need it, and light up the debate for sure.

From Tokyo to Rio

Finally, as the title of my blog suggests, I will arrive in Brazil’s capital Rio de Janeiro; but not before visiting other cities, among which the so called most sustainable city of the South, Curitiba, and the most populated one Sao Paulo.


On the road, from Tokyo to Rio, from up in the South of Cartagena all the way down and up again. Let’s take off!



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