[156] Hope in Times of Corona – Being Grateful

When words are silenced, gestures gain even more meaning. When streets are emptied, but filled with gratitude, you know something good has come along with these dark times.

The empty streets have never been more filled than those minutes the other night, not with human beings but with humanity. When everything else is gone, the essence remains, the most valuable remains, that what really matters; and deep gratitude flourishes where everything else is taken away.

Closed Doors, Open Hearts

Most Europeans, Canadians, North-, Central- and South-Americans are under lockdowns. While they are forced to stay in their houses, a very particular group of every country is still out there. While everyone is forced to work from home, they are working at the frontline.

While others are under lockdowns to protect theirs’ and others’ life, this group of brave people goes out to safe lives. While so many people get in despair, this group of people steps up and creates hope. For those who are running out of breath, for those who are feeling unwell, for those who tested positive, for those who are about to lose their life, for them, this group of people are the guardian angels.

This group of people are the soldiers of our society.

Rather than setting up walls, they opened up the doors. Rather than picking up the weapons, they laid down beds and medical equipment. Rather than using violence and aggression, they use love and care.

Bless You

Dressed in white protective clothing, with the bless of society and any kind of God on this planet, they walk in the war zone. No harness to protect, but white linen and mouth masks (made with love as I described in the previous blog post, or old linen if you want to be right). In many countries all employees in the healthcare sector are out there, many of them even re-educated to battle Corona instead of their daily tasks.

There are no daily tasks anymore, no daily routine as the days before. Every day is a new one. One with new patients; new cases; new demonstrations of the virus. New gains, new healthy people walking out again and back into society; and unfortunately, as well new losses, new lives going up in the stars where they will watch us, while we continue the fight.

finfin desierto de tatacoa, cactus like virus 2
A cactus can be the only sign of life in a desert, yet it is a sign. Desert of Tatacoa, Colombia (c) finfinnews

Backed-up by volunteers, like the ones in Belgium stitching mouth masks, they are the brave guards of our society. Health care is too often underestimated, not enough appreciated, and in too many countries not invested enough in, just because there are no direct economic results of a good functioning health care system. But the indirect and long-term (economic) gains are highly undervalued, while life is about more than economics alone. Much more.

Moreover, health itself is unpayable. There is nothing worth as much as health. What would you do with millions and houses and yachts, if you are too ill to even breath properly; if you are in deep pain with every movement you make; if you are too weak to even touch what you have?

You can have everything on the planet, but if you lack a good health, you have nothing at all.

So here they go. Where doors stay closed and people stay at home, they open their heart, and send their knowledge and skills in the world. Where people sit at home, they walk through our empty streets. Where people stand still waiting for this all to pass, they step up firmly to beat the communal enemy.

The Sound of Gratitude

For these brave hearts, tonight the silence was broken. The social isolation was broken. Tonight, through all streets of Europe applause could be heard. As an American wave through the European streets, the fire of gratitude spread itself out. Lightening up the darkness, breaking the silence and the isolation.

No gesture means more than gratitude, yet too often we take it all for granted.

For all those working in the health care sector, wherever you are. Know that the world is depending on you, you have the world on your shoulders, but if you are tiered or anxious or desperate, know that you have our back. Of all of us.

Finally, all people realise how important and brave you are to us, even without having to be ill. We count on you, but know you can count on us. We will follow up the medical advice that is given, we will volunteer and stitch mouth masks if that is all we can to help you. We will express our gratitude and respect, and be empathic and caring for you as well.

finfin desierto de tatacoa cactus sunset
A cactus can be the only sign of life in a desert, yet it is a sign. Desert of Tatacoa, Colombia (c) finfinnews

Walking on the Moon

We know you are on a mission, a crucial mission for humanity, and we know you are a hero, even if you cannot claim as much victories as you would love to. But know, that if you want to come down for a moment, not being the astronaut but the (wo)man under the suit, take of your helmet and white harness, know that we will be there for you as well.

You have our back, while the world is on your shoulders. We are in deep gratitude and I hope this gratitude don’t fades away when Corona is defeated. This gesture of gratitude is a wise lesson for us, humans. It brings the light in the darkness; the humanity in inhumanity; the tenderness in times of treats.

Go out and be brave. We thank you.

This article is part of the series of Hope in Times of Corona. Read on how this times of self-isolation should not mean loneliness, and on how you can contribute to this battle. Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

Be resilient. Be calm. This too shall pass.

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