[153] Hope in Times of Corona – This too shall pass

Be resilient. Be calm. This too shall pass…

It is 6am Brisbane time, while Australia starts the day, Europe prepares for the night.

Yet, tonight there is not a lot of peace out there. The National Security Council of Belgium announces its drastic measures to cope with the Corona virus. “This is not a lockdown, these measures must prevent a lockdown from happening all together,” said the Council, “yet, it looks pretty much like a lockdown.”

Meanwhile in Italy, the lockdown has been expended to the entire country. Other European, Asian, and American places have been lockdowned as well. The world is getting serious on this.

Yet, there is no reason for panicking, the officials say. Panicking is what people do, however. Last week in the supermarkets of Sydney recordings were made of people fighting over toilet paper. Friends called me asking which products to stock up, while others are even considering buying weapons.

I watch around me. Hear the stories. The fear, the unknowing, maybe even the despair. Not knowing is worse than knowing a harsh truth.

Many people are located to work from home now, others have to close their business and might lose their job. I am at the same situation. I might lose my job, yet I am grateful for every day I am still on. At the same time, I know I work three jobs at the same time, so I have some back-ups. However, it is crisis in all three of them at the moment, so I am starting another company. Yet, isn’t it vain to work further on a business which might become irrelevant in tomorrow’s world, since everything is about to change?

The answer is: resilience. Be calm, be resilient, because this too shall pas.

Our globalised world has always been told as a high beneficial one, with heaps of freedom and opportunities. Yet, today, it shows its most dark side. With the spread of ideas, and people, of money and creativity, the spread of diseases has become easier as well. No wall will stop that from happening.

Yet, I insist we should not panic, we have to hold on and move on, and maintain our human dignity. Therefore, in the next blogpost I will shine another, yet hopeful light on what is happening. Because every coin has two sides, and this too, has a bright side.

This article is part of the series of Hope in Times of Corona. Read

Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

Be resilient. Be calm. This too shall pass.


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