[177] Hopes in Times of Corona – Happy Easter

Looking for Easter Eggs while grandma watches from behind glass; reaching your arms from 2 metres away to give someone an Easter hug; and not being able to buy a chick, because they are old sold out. Covid19 has turned this Easter in a remarkable one, yet precisely because of Covid19, this Easter will become legendary to you all.

Going back to the roots of Easter, it is remarkable how much the roots of this crisis, the lockdown, the quarantine and waiting for the virus to pass, are interlinked with the roots of Easter. This Easter might not be the one as you might have imagined, but it will be the one that speaks the most to your imagination.

Beyond Religion

Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus, the son of God in Christianism, Catholicism and related religions. Bear with me if you are atheist or sceptical towards religions. Because this post does not take you to religion, for Godsake; it takes you to the deeper meaning, the roots of Easter.

Easter comes after the long time when the followers of Jesus had been mourning about his dead, where they thought everything was lost, and they had lost hope. Jesus’ dead symbolised the end of their story, their world as they knew it, the way they had given meaning to life until the date he was taken away from them. Now, they had to give meaning their selves to their existence, they had to rewrite the story they would belief in, they had to change the perspective on the world as they knew it.

The End of the World as we Know it

Yet, on Easter day, the impossible happened. Their meaning to life, their story, their world was given back to them. Jesus had walked out of his grave, not as a zombie, but as a reborn human being.

Easter marks the end of the long time of waiting and mourning for that what has been taken away. Easter marks the end of an episode of insecurity in which the known world has been put on hold by an unexpected and unseen event. Easter marks the end of a time of anxiety for what would come after, for the big unknown, and the lack of securities. Easter marks the end of a time of testing of one’s resilience and flexibility; of one’s creativity and capacity to survive. Easter marks the end of an existential challenging time.

Easter symbolises the reward after a long time of waiting; a new beginning after a time of sadness and darkness; a new era in the history. Easter marks the end of a chapter in the books of life, and the beginning of a new one.

Corona Eggs   

The same symbolic was captured in Easter eggs. No other symbol than an egg can be so simple, yet so powerful and genius to symbolise new life; waiting, cracking, almost going under, yet bursting open and creating new life.

Little did Jesus’ followers know he would be able to come back, little did the chicken know how a chick one day would pop out of that egg; little did the caterpillar know he wouldn’t die in his cocoon, but turn into an astonishing butterfly.

We are all waiting for something, yet we don’t know precisely what. We are all waiting for the time of Corona to pass, but we only can guess how the time after would be like. We are all waiting for the world to take-off again, yet we can only guess how the world after Corona would like.

When this all is over, we will surrender; we don’t know how, we don’t know when; but we can hope for the unexpected to happen; for the impossible to become possible. And so long, we can take the time to turn inwards, reflect, and gather energy and wisdom to step in the world after tomorrow.

Happy Easter

Therefore, Easter is the perfect event to celebrate this year, regardless which religion you hold on to. Easter symbolises hope for the unexpected; waiting for the unknown; waiting for the impossible to happen. Waiting for the resurrection, not only of a religious person, but of yourself after a time of reflection; and of the world, after a time of mourning and silence.

Happy Easter to you all!

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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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