[175] Hope in Times of Corona – Lighten the Night

‘Is she there yet?’ we are sitting excited on the roof. Gradually the light blue colours of the day faded away. The night took over. Some stars started popping up, one by one. Our eyes at the horizon. ‘Is she there yet?’

Tonight, there will be a super moon. A pink moon. A special moon. So, we are sitting on the roof, waiting for her to come. The first moon rays are preceding her actual appearance. A cloud of white bright light grows slowly but steady from behind the dark blue horizon.

The moon will rise and lighten up the dark, break the infinity of the night and provide a mark of hope, a memory of orientation, a lighthouse for exploring souls. ‘Is she there yet?’


The Invisible Light

The waiting continues, yet, the moon and the stars are already out there. 24/7. Day and night. The moon and the stars are always surrounding our planet, sheltering the Earth, companioning her throughout the darkness of the universe.

Yet, they might not be visible because of the positioning of the Earth and the Sun; or invisible because of the overexposure of light, daylight or big city light. Invisible and unreachable, they were never really gone, while we wait for them to come. ‘Is she there yet?’

The Bright Side

Corona now as well, has taken the light off of a huge part of our daily lives. No daily commute, no mass entertainment, no exodus off the office at night time, no mass gatherings at the gym.

Death and illness are catapulted back into our daily life, whereas the majority of our societies had banned both to the dark taboos of life. Our societies dwell on happiness and fitness; illness and death don’t belong in the row, yet, they do belong to life.

Corona has lightened the dark side of life, while darkened the bright side of some parts of it. Yet, this darkened time might provide an opportunity, the mark of an exciting time to look forward to, as we are all waiting for the moon. Corona can lighten up your existence if you look for the stars, rather than for the dark night in which they are embedded. ‘Is she there yet?’


The Detail of Beauty

Now Corona has taken the light off of a huge part of our daily lives, it is time to take a clear look at your surroundings, look for the stars that have always been there; the stars which stood in the shade of day-to-day distractions; the stars which were weakened by the light of daily life.

The beauty of life hides not in the spectacular, yet in those small details which were always there, but invisible.

The flowers on your walk to work, and the shape of the clouds. The smell of bread, and the song of a bird. The ever-expanding ripple on the water surface, and the touch of your feet in soft sand or grass. The crispy sound of frozen leaves or snow in winter, and the refreshing breeze in summer. The sunrise every morning, and the sunset in the evening. The simple greeting of one another when crossing the pathway, and the small question ‘How are you doing?’ from a stranger.


Unveil the Beauty

Real beauty hides in the smallest corner of life, you just have to be able to see it. No distractions of work or social obligations; no psychological or emotional curtain to veil it; no time pressure, social pressure, nor pressure of the rat race of life.

When the world is put on hold, when it becomes dark, take a moment to have a look around you. Notice the stars, the small lighting dots which always have been there, but which you did not notice before.

They light up the darkness whenever and wherever you are; they give you hope and confidence that this too shall pass; they shape the compass of your existence.

Stand still, observe, and notice your stars. They will always be there, no matter how dark the path becomes. And as it goes with star gazing in the fysical world, so it goes with star gazing in your mental world. The longer you look, the more you will find, and the brighter they will become.


In the meantime, the moon rises, the sky becomes bright and enlightened, and so becomes our vision of the world. Stars are at their brightest in the darkest times. Hence, look for them whenever you feel lost, unveil the beauty of life, the sparkles of hope. They are always there, you just have to be able to see them.

‘Is she there yet? Yes, she is, and always has been.’

This article is part of the series of Hope in Times of Corona. Read

Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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