[5] The Journey

The time flies while I’m on the water. During the surf session threatening black clouds form together over the main land. A storm is coming up and as always you wonder if you will sit it out, or go in fight or flight mode. Sometimes we just have to sit out the storm.

As soon as I’m out the water, the sky starts coming down. This is not an exaggeration. The rain drums on the roof, thunder breaks open the silence, while lightning interrupts the darkness. This is a big one.

An Infinite Pallet of Grey

Regardless, I drive to the town of 1770, hoping that the rain will stop on the road. And it does, temporary – which I should have known. Once in 1770 I go on a walk, keeping my leg moving and progressing. Little did I know that the worse had yet to come!

Ocean and sky becoming one infinite whole.

After ten minutes walking the sky turns black, thunder takes over any sound, and lightnings shake up the sky like an old-school movie projector. The breath-taking bursts of rain are even intensified by the wind, which turns the town of 1770 in nothing more than a pallet of shades of grey and black. Ocean and sky becoming one infinite whole.

Sky and Ocean become one during the storm in 1770. (c) Finfinnews
Sky and Ocean become one during the storm in 1770. (c) Finfinnews

Two Metres

After an hour sheltering, I’m done and decide to run back to my car, risking to get wet. “Two metres,” I think laughing when I start the walk. “Two metres is all it takes to get totally soaked.”

I laugh and think of how ridiculous it would be to run – which I cannot do anyways. It reminds me of my dream, I thought it was so real that when I woke up and felt tired, I justified the fatigue with my heroic behaviour.

Reality is always a different from the dream.

Reality kicked in, and the fatigue took off, because it was only a dream. But what an awesome dream it was! I dreamt I was running, hours and hours just running, and while running I was laughing because I was so happy that I could run again.

Reality is always a bit different, isn’t it? So here I am, walking through the rain. Honestly, it wouldn’t have made a difference at all. Two metres was all it took to be drenched. And here I walk back to my car. The price I have to pay for not taking my umbrella with me on a rainy day.

Eventually everything dries up; flooding, rain, tears.

It is a price I love to pay, because it feels so good to walk in the rain, feeling more wet than during my surf session. Oh what’s the difference? Except for this water to be warm and fresh, instead of salty and sandy. I walk bravely, get some dry clothes out of the car, and see my car transforming into a laundry room. There is wet stuff everywhere, but it will dry. Eventually, everything dries; flooding, rain, tears.

The town of 1770 after the storm. Eventually everything dries. (c) finfinnews
The town of 1770 after the storm. Eventually everything dries. (c) finfinnews

Sometimes it is Better to Sit out the Storm

Ironically, the rain stops for a while once I have my dry clothes on, and I wonder if it was worth the Big Escape, and the price I paid for it? Sometimes it is better to sit out the storm, wait until it passes, because eventually it will pass. Everything eventually passes.

Sometimes we end up in harsh circumstances, a storm lifts us of our feet and limits our vision. Often our first instinct is to run away, to take fast and drastic action; anything to get out of the storm, or even worse to fight and try to stop the storm.

Eventually it will pass. Everything passes.

Yet, during some storms it would be better not to take any action at all, and just go with it. Don’t fight it, don’t fly it, but sit it out; let it soak you and blow you off your feet, and get up afterwards when it’s all over. Eventually it will pass, like everything.

It might take more time to sit out the storm, but it could save a lot of energy, and in some cases even money. Moreover, it could prevent certain wounds which would take a lot of time or effort to heal, it could prevent damage you potentially cannot make undone.

No matter how rough, and how counterintuitive, sometimes we just have to sit out the storm, calm the inner storm, and wait for the storm to pass. Or if energy and time permits: learn to dance in the rain, rather than letting it block your movement.

Storms will come and go, they are an inevitable part of life and of nature. Therefore we better find the best way to cope with it. Harness its energy and use it for the better, rather than fighting against it.

In the meantime, the storm has passed. I am writing now in a typical tavern, called Agnes Tavern, located on the Tavern Road, life can be so easy. Next time, I might just sit out the storm, rather than running through it. But that’s a lesson that comes with the years; wisdom that comes with age.

Sometimes it is better to sit out the storm.

Sometimes it is better to sit out the storm. (c) finfinnews
Sometimes it is better to sit out the storm. (c) finfinnews

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