[180] Hope in Times of Corona – Hold on

‘I had hope,’ she says,‘but now I am losing it.’ Her voice sounds desperate. She waits. Takes a breath. ‘There seem to be no perspective.’ ‘Hold on,’ I ask her, ‘Hold on’.

It has been hard. It has been obvious. Stay at home, stay with us; we are in this together, towards the same goal we have to strive. We have to beat Covid-19 before it beats us. So, they command: ‘They shall hold on’.

But fatigue sets in. Covid-19-fatigue. Not caused by the virus, but by the lack of perspective.

As if the reality of Covid-19 slowly but surely has find its way into our conscious minds. Various countries who had chosen to take a weekly approach are postponing the release of the lockdown week after week; while others have set no end date at all; waiting for the virus to give the call. In the meantime, they urge: ‘They must hold on’.


Some unemployed ones getting bored, while some virtual employed ones getting uninspired. Staring at their computer screen, taking ages to accomplish a task that would normally take a few minutes only. While trying to get through the day, they think ‘hold on’.

The curves in some countries are still increasing, in others are flattening, and in a few they are finally decreasing. People are getting tiered of the measures, and losing sight on Covid-19, yet Covid-19 is still with us. Hence, doctors demand us ‘Please, hold on.’

Field hospitals are created, while existing hospitals are filling up. Breathing systems pump with every grasp of air, a grasp of hope in nearly conscious Covid-patients, while asking them and their beloved ones to be patient and hold on.

Health care staff waits for medical supplies, measures get increased because the hospitals are afraid to bend under the weight of Covid-19. They have been flexible, as resilient palm trees they have bend with the wind that came, yet, there is a limit to resiliency.

In some countries and hospitals, the waiting will not be rewarded on time; unprotected they step up to Covid-19, risking their own live to keep one more live with us. Afraid and exhausted, they plead the world: ‘Hold on’.

If we persist, we will surrender; if we give in too early, we will perish.

One Step at a Time

If Covid-19 fatigue sets in; if you find yourself uninspired watching your screen, or desperate watching the time pass by; hold on. If you are anxious, and exhausted; hold on. We are still all in this together, we are all fighting our battles, some bigger, some smaller; but the only way out will be together as well. So please, hold on.

So many fights in life, so many projects and goals, have only been won by persistency; by taking small steps towards a goal; even if that included taking a step back, getting totally lost, or stagnating all together. Yet, those are the moments you have to hold on.

Few goals are reached without tears, sweat or blood, literally and figuratively. Few goals are reached without waking up at least once, questioning why you are on this. Few projects have been executed without at least once bursting into tears thinking you cannot take it anymore; feeling like you want to quit rather than persist. Yes, those are the moments you have to hold on.

When Covid-19 sets in, don’t allow it to set you back. Rest, don’t quit. Take a step back, a Covid-19 free moment, feel and release whatever is on your mind, take a good chat or a good cry; read through all my blogs below to find hope and perspective. But above anything else, hold on.

Know your patience and persistence will be rewarded, one day, one moment, one way. So, in the meantime, I join the plea of the nurses, the health care works, the ones at the frontline, the scientists, the governments, the ones at the back-office, the Covid-patients, their beloved ones.

‘Please, Hold on. There will be light at the horizon.’

This article is part of the series of Hope in Times of Corona. Read

Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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