[182] Hope in Times of Corona – 30 Days

One month ago, I started this series. Since then I wrote a daily article on a positive aspect of the pandemic. 30 days, 30 posts. Why? Because once you’ve seen the darkness you embrace every single spark of light; moreover, you become really good at seeing it, and at creating hope.

Hope in Times of Corona.

We might not live anymore in the world as we knew it, nor wake up in it ever again. But not all hope should be gone, because whenever something is taken away, something else will fill up the gap.

We don’t live in the black holes of the cosmos, that suck away whatever comes its way. Rather we live in a vibrant ecosystem, in which every movement has a cause and an effect.

The ripple effect might not be immediate visible, it might be small or nearly existent, nevertheless, it is there. We don’t live in a vacuum; we live in an energetic and vibrant world.

Whatever comes your way, will go its way.

Therefore, when health workers are fighting at the frontline to protect the essence of our world: live as such. And when people might have lost their jobs, their houses, their material successes, they still have their lives. And where many lives are taken away, we are confronted once more with the one and only thing that really matters: live as such.

Therefore, I write this series, to give Hope in Times of Corona, to be a lighthouse in dark times, to give you directions to set sail again, sail in the Big Unknown.

Hope on board, and check out what Hope in Times of Corona can mean to you:

Or wait until the next days, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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