[186] Hope in Times of Corona – Where do we go from here?

What will you do when this is all over? It is a question many of us ask each other and ourselves, yet a question I don’t think we can answer already.

Some countries are easing their restrictions already, some are opening up the schools again, partially but still. Some countries are daring to make up the balance. The economic costs, the loss of lives, the psychological consequences.

We are making up the Balance.

Changing World Outlook

Few are talking about the geopolitical relationships that were strengthened or blown up during the pandemic, few are talking about the elections that were going on in some countries, postponed in others, or not even have resulted in a government after the last elections where hold. Even though we haven’t named it as such, the world outlook has changed.

So, where do we go from here? We ask ourselves and the world around us. The answer might be more complicated.

Changing World View

The world is ever changing, rapidly, and drastically, so how would we know where we go from here? How could we hold on to our world view if that world we are watching at has been changed? Few of us could predict we would be in precise the situation we are in today; so, how would we want to predict the situation we would be in in about 6 months from now? And moreover, why?

If Covid-19 has shown us something, it is to take steps today adapted to today’s circumstances, because those might be different tomorrow. So why would we want to look in the future making plans for a world that might no longer exist?

How would we know where we will be in one month, if we don’t even know about tomorrow.

We are living in the Big Unknown, and that’s ok, as I wrote before.

Changing World Vision

Neither should we go to the other extreme and become fatalistic, hopeless or visionless. For that is precisely what we need: a vision rather than a view. We need a long-term vision of the direction our world wants to move in; a political vision of our national leaders, an ecological vision of our global leaders, a social vision of our local leaders. Where do they want to stand for; which horizon do they envision?

As well, us global citizens, and individual human beings, we, need to explore where we want to stand for, our values and virtues; which horizon we want to reach for, our broader goals in life, what kind of a person we want to be.

Changing Road

Yet, we cannot know which road we will take, nor how precisely we will apply our skills, nor when and where. Since, the landscape is ever changing.

I know where I stand for, where I want to reach for, where I am walking towards to by taking daily small steps, studying, exercising, waking up early even though I have no timeframe dictated by society. I take these steps not because I have to, but because I want to; not because I know the road, nor the destination, but I know the direction, and I know how to walk.

Changing Mind

So, regardless the fact that I don’t have an answer, nor a view of how my life will look like in 6 months or 6 years from now. I have a vision of myself, a vision of the world, and a vision of my place in it.

I will adapt that vision to the specific circumstances I end up in, but I will not betray it. I will adapt my expectation of life depending on the path I can take, but I will not become disillusioned or fatalistic.

As long as you have your vision clear, you have to thrust that you will develop a path accordingly; no matter how that path will look like. As long as you have your vision clear, you must thrust that you will reach a destination; no matter where and when that will be.

As long as you have your vision clear, you will adapt the road, and if not the road, you will adapt your mind.

You all already have proven that you are able to do so, by living precisely the life you live right now, under the unpredicted Covid-19 circumstances. You already adapted your path, and if not your mind. You already have shown that you can take small steps in the Big Unknown. You already have proven your resiliency and flexibility; so, have faith you will be able to do it when this is all over.

That to me, is how we can answer this question today. But let’s see tomorrow again.

This article is part of the series of Hope in Times of Corona. Read

Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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