[187] Hope in Times of Corona – How to cope with the unknown?

This article is the summary of last week’s posts, in which I looked into various aspects of the Big Unknown we live at, and how to cope with it.

On Monday I wrote how we are living now in the Big Unknown: lots of questions, but few immediate answers. Yet, it is ok to live in this era, to have more questions than answers, and to trial-and-error to find them.

“We live in the Big Unknown, and it is ok, if you are ok with it.”


On Tuesday, I illustrated how our attempts to flatten the curve, don’t have to flatten our lives. Covid-19 holds us a mirror of our busy and FOMO-obsessed societies before, and shows us the perfect antidote.

“Living from one big dot on the timeline of life to the next one, forgoing all the small dots in between. Forgetting the flat line of daily life, trying to skip the gaps between the highs, not being conscious of the days just being alive.”


On Wednesday, I showed the most brilliant resilience strategy to get around these remarkable times. One of the simple genius strategies, possible for all challenges you face Covid-19 or non-Covid-19 related.

“Good things come to good people. It is a sentence I hear so often, yet I not always belief in. Not because I don’t belief in karma, but because we all know good people to whom bad things come as well. Good and bad things come to good and bad people, but the difference is that some people are able to bend the bad things into good ones.”


On Thursday, I wrote on my nephew’s Birthday, and how that day did not only make the distance between us tremendously tangible, but as well how it sparked my hope and inspiration with regards to our ever-changing world.

“When preparing the virtual birthday party, I travel through time. It is already five years ago that I held him in my arms as a little monkey crawling on my chest, no bigger than two big hands to carry him. His little pyjamas where too big, and so was the little hat.

He was so innocent and small, and had no clue of the world ahead of him. Nor had we.”


On Friday, I wrote:

“So, where do we go from here? We ask ourselves and the world around us. The answer might be more complicated.”

Yet, in Friday’s article I try to find one.


I wish you a joyful and meaningful weekend, and come back to you on Monday, with yet another silver light on the Corona Crisis.

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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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