[197] Hope in Times of Corona – Back to Reality

Slowly but surely, Canada, Europe and Australia are following some Asian countries walking out of Corona; prompting us questions on what will be next for the world around us, as much as what will be next for the world within us. What will be your personal next move?

While the world around us will develop on an unknown path, largely out of our control, we better start exploring the new world within us. When the new normal of the outer world won’t be normal for a while, and neither be really known; we might as well start creating a new normal of our inner world. Who are you going to be in the post-corona world?

Hero and Antihero

Covid-19 has rewritten the global story, with a changed role for everybody who inhabits that world. A lot of that happened out of our control, but your personal story is still yours.

It is the story about yourself, it is the set of beliefs you hold about yourself. It is the story you make yourself and other belief about you.

It is the story that gives meaning to your daily life, consciously or subconsciously. It is the whole of beliefs you hold about yourself, the good and the bad, the true and the false.

It is the future you have envisioned for yourself, the perspective you have on your past and the view you have on your present and on your future.

It is the series of words you use to describe yourself when you watch in the mirror, when you wake up in the morning thinking how your day is going to look like, when you go to bed in the evening evaluating how your day has been.

It is the story you picture about your role in your job, about your next holidays, about your role in your family, or even among friends.

It is the story in which you are hero and antihero at the same time.

Dynamic Character

Yet, we are no flat characters. We act and think differently in different situations, in different settings, in different chapters. We act and think differently depending on the other people on the scene.

People all over the world have taken up different roles during Covid-19; some maybe even unimaginable roles. A business woman who became homebound; a flight attendant who became ground bound. A fashion designer who became medical clothes designer; a car technician who became breathing system technician. The leader in peace who became leader in war, the social bar tender who sat home alone.

We are dynamic characters, with the ability to adapt if we want to or have to. While the world around us changes, we can change within it.

Next Chapter

We might not know the story we are going to make part of, but we always are part of our own story. And that’s the one you can write active on, starting today.

Sometimes even just reframing helps you rewrite your entire story. Sometimes it helps to take a step back, get of the scene, put the mask down, and watch honestly to your own character.

How does the situation really look like, what do you really feel or think? Where are you going to? What are the good and the bad elements? What is your quest? Who are your real friends and enemies?

Sometimes when just taking a step back, become the spectator of your own story, you see things more clearly and it becomes obvious what should be your next move; what are the inaccuracies of your own beliefs and story; and how you can change it for the better.

In times of Corona we were so close to our own story. We were reduced to a few roles, and a few settings; our main décor had become the house we live in and our main other characters our inner circle.

After Corona, the world might have changed, and your character will move in that changed world. When the world start writing its post-Corona chapter, so will be you.

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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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