[198] Hope after Corona – Don’t let a crisis go to waste

‘Never let a good crisis go to waste,’ became a historic adage, because it challenges to see opportunities in obstacles, precisely what we should do in Times of Corona

Sometimes we need a crisis, to smash the wall, fall deep and hard, to get up after and see everything clear again. Another perspective, not to rebuild or re-establish the person or the world as we know it, but to reincarnate in a renewed version.

Sometimes you need to dive deep to see the light.

Sometimes you need to hit the wall to gain insight.

A while ago I wrote how Covid-19, the Great Pandemic, has shown us the cracks in the system by being a fast and furious catalyst for the problems inherent at our current world. Poverty, unemployment, inequality, domestic violence, violation of human rights, limitation of press freedom, unfair trade balances and trade agreements, the weakness of our globalised trade and tourism system, and the lack of a decent health care system in many countries.

Covid-19 dove deep into the system and shined a light on the hidden problems, making the cracks becoming visible from outside.

When facing reality, from personal to global problems, all masks fall off. When everything is lost, only the essence remains, and there is nothing left to hide behind.

Since Covid-19 unveiled the cracks, it is up to us to fix it, or to pull it down all together and reconstruct something new.

Hope in Times of Corona

If Covid-19 gave me anything, except for insights in how our world really functions, and the vulnerability of every single one of us, in front of a virus as small as invisible to the bare eye, Covid-19 gave me hope.

As a research journalist specialised in climate change and sustainable development, I have been daily confronted with the issue of climate change: the consequences as much as the possible solutions and related environmental, social, political, and economical problems.

Being aware of the severity and the scale of it, I always wondered what it would take before we would stop it. One day I asked an experienced climate change scientist about his hopes and expectations with regards for the future, if we would ever start taking action? “We will,” he answered firmly, “when it will become as unbearable and unliveable.” He paused.  “When we reached that point, we won’t be asking about prices or efforts anymore, we will be doing whatever it takes to stop it.”

From Disbelief to Despair

When I see at the spread of Covid-19, I see a fast-forwarded movement of climate change. At first when it started in China, nobody believed how bad it potentially could be, nor it would happen to them. But soon disbelief turned into despair.

When the severity and scale became tangible, we did the impossible to protect our lives, regardless the counterarguments. We enforced unforeseen lockdowns and restrictions, closed all economic activities except for the essential ones, and some countries even established a gigantic social care system. We put human lives before economic interests.

Therefore, I have hope, we can do the impossible and stop this next global treat as well. This hope is not exclusively for climate change, but for several global challenges. Covid-19 made various problems tangible, and unbearable; now it is up to us to act. What will it take?

The next series will contain building blocks for the world ahead of us: Earth 3.0, are you on board?

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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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