[210] Hope after Corona – Home Sweet Home

Stay home, flatten the curve. But what does home mean? During Corona, for some people it meant a lot of quality time with those who they wished they had more time for; for others it was like entering the dark cave they tried to escape by going to work or the pub.

In times of Corona the masks fall of, as I described in another post. It might be as well time to take off your own mask. What have you constructed between your four walls? What is lacking? What is too much? What have you been running for; or what have you been not able to accomplish due to the rat race of our society?

Domestic Violence

Home should be a safe heaven, but another crack that became tremendously visible was the one of domestic violence. When doors got locked, some homes changed into infernos. Codewords were set in place to outcry for help without endangering one’s life. Emergency shelters were set up to help victims of domestic violence. Going home was the last thing they wanted to do.

Go Home

Going home was for some almost a mission impossible. Indian construction workers walking hundreds of kilometres out of fear for starvation; while other people got collected in humanitarian flights to make their way back ‘home’.

‘Go back home, here is no place for you,’ it was the quote of Australian premier Scott Morrison. Australians first. But what if there is no ‘back home’? various New Zealanders decided to turn back to the country they were born in, but where they had lived less time than in Australia. But today it turned out they were no Australian. Many people all over the world faced the same destiny.

‘The feeling of being a foreigner’ never became as tangible as during Covid, she said. I admit. I speak five languages, but during Covid, in public I only spoke English. Tried to mask my accent, hide whatever made me more foreign. But I remained a foreign object, possible carrier of the virus in some people’s eyes.

Stay Home

My home was here, when we were forced to stay home. ‘Home is not a house’. It is a feeling. A feeling of being safe. A feeling of being able to be yourself, without potential danger, without potential pressure, without the need to have to fit in or adapt.

Home is the place you can come home after work, exchange your costume for comfortable clothes; where you can sing in the shower, without being embarrassed. Where you can go to bed at 6pm if you want to or sleep in.

Home is the station where you walk out of the high-speed train of society. It is where you can put your suitcase down, unpack your belongings and your soul. Exchange your harness for vulnerability. Stop talking and start breathing. Stop running and just be. That is home supposed to be.

To them who suffer domestic violence, to them who are squeezed between too many commitments; to them who are living in a house with the wrong people and/or for the wrong people; their house is just another station, another part of the rat race. To them, the train never stops. And staying at home, means a steep curve of psychological and emotional problems.

To them there is no safe heaven. They have to keep on running. Exhausted.

Living Fast and Slow

When our train starts running again at full speed, make sure you have a station to hop off whenever you need it. Make sure you have a safe heaven, a place you can just be. Take the time to ‘Hygge’ take the time to find your home; take the time to understand what home really means to you, and how you can create it.

Reach out for help if yours isn’t what a home is supposed to be; and reach out to help them who are in need. Solidarity 3.0. Governments should facilitate programs against domestic violence, and set in place measure to facilitate a better working-life balance, not only for the father figures.

We’ll have to live fast and slow, find a balance between family and work; between burn-out and bore-out; between loneliness, and overwhelm by social obligations. Find a balance between both possible paces of society. Take time to find that balance, allow others to find and live up to that balance for them. Don’t judge, don’t fight, but reach out.

Once the doors will go open again, we will walk out on a total other mindset. We will know what ‘home’ really means, and why the rat race sometimes better shall wait for those who really matter to you.

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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

One thought on “[210] Hope after Corona – Home Sweet Home

  1. Niet normaal waarover je nog steeds de inspiratie vindt om steeds nieuwe onderwerpen te schrijven.

    Top Olivier x

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone



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