[212] Hope after Corona – Leadership 3.0

Divide et Impera. Divide and Rule. It was the slogan of the Ancient Romans, but the recent history of Corona has shown us that these values couldn’t be less relevant for the leadership we need in this fast changing, challenging world. Leadership 3.0 is the opposite of Divide et Impera. Here are 5 characteristics.  

 A leader in need is a leader indeed

Corona made us question several political leaders and leaders of organisations; but precisely when storm sets up, a ship needs to be able to count on all its crew, it needs to know where it is going in order to survive the storm.

Those are the moments real leadership is shown, in organisations, in countries, in companies, in families, or even among friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed; but this applies even more to leaders. The captain in need, who guides the ship through the storm, despite the own fear and unknowns, is a captain indeed. And this doesn’t necessary have to be concentrated in one leader figure.

A first minister who addresses the children of her nation in a press conference, or another who said every single death is one too much; those are leaders that got it. They understand to guide from within their herd, be humble, gain thrust and have thrust in their herd, they don’t lead alone, but with a clear vision and mission, they get along.

  1. Humble

Real leaders are humble. They don’t rise above the others, but descend of their ivory tower. They place themselves between the ones they govern and they listen to them. Genuinely listen. To the real concerns and beliefs, the fears and the dreams, the hope and the needs, the shortages and the abundancies, the values and the vanities.

They try to understand, and empathize. This will be the starting point of their leadership, the beginning of the journey they will walk together. The leader will guide the herd, and the herd will guide the leader.

  1. Thrust

This joined journey will only be possible if there is mutual thrust. From the herd in the leader and the leader in the herd. They must earn each other’s thrust by respecting and living upon their values and acting upon their words.

Corruption, conflicts of interests, violence, vain promises, a lack of respect, abuse of thrust, power or means, value inconsistencies, or inconsistencies between words and deeds, will all undermine the necessary mutual thrust, making it impossible to lead or be led.

  1. Allies

A leader does not lead alone. No leadership can be executed in a vacuum. Contrary, this vacuum is filled with other actors and entities, some to lead, some that lead. Therefore, a sincere leader has allies, within and outside of the herd. Together they are strong, wise, and resilient.

Moreover, a wise leader is aware of the butterfly effect of its own words and deeds. Therefore, no word nor deed will be chosen undeliberate, causing an unintended shockwave. As some of these shockwaves might cause unrepairable consequences.

  1. Vision

To gain thrust, respect, and motivation among the herd and the allies, a sincere leader has a clear vision. A human, holistic and long-term vision to cope with challenges of our globalised and fast changing world which is clearly communicated. The collective journey can only lead to the intended destination if there is a clear destination, set in the long-term interest of all fellows and with their understanding.

Real leaders don’t appoint the bad examples of others, slaughter the opposition or other ideas, and use negative language and actions solely to appoint where they will not go to. Real leaders on the other hand, set out a clear vision, and speak in constructive language, and set constructive actions to get where they want to go.

  1. Mission

Therefore, genuine leaders translate their vision in understandable, concrete, and measurable actions. They pick priorities, and know where to invest their energy, time, and means in.

In addition to their vision and mission, they show the will to realise their words. They don’t spread vain words solely, but they act upon them. They take bold decisions even if they are hard to take.

They can stand up to defend their decisions, because they are aligned with the values and long-term interests of the herd. Even if the basic principles are set right, sincere leaders know that sometimes they have to take decisions which go against the stream; which cause short-term pain, but will lead to long-term gains. Decisions that can cost them votes, but will save their herd.

Especially because, with any decision, they take into account all interests of all fellows and see how they can all be motivated to walk the same journey, without hindering other fellows, or privileging others.


These five principles of leadership are not exclusive for Times of Corona, nor for political leaders. These five principles apply to any kind of leadership, from guiding family and friends, over guiding an organisation, community or country, until guiding yourself. Be humble, have thrust and be trustworthy, create allies and be an ally to others, envision the journey, and translate it into a clear mission. Let’s start from here.


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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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