[214] Hope after Corona – Respect 3.0

When in the vacuum of what is lost, awareness grows of what once was, not only gratitude grows, but so does respect. Covid-19 showed it to us the hard way. When the world starts running again, let’s not harden our hearts, but keep the lesson taught.

Old Wisdom

He shuffles slowly through the aisle, normally he would be rushed over, but not today. He takes his time to fill his trolley, normally he would be hurried up, but not today. ‘We have community hours for our elderly and people with disabilities’ goes the billboard at the door of the shop. When they have the chance to walk in the disinfected shop in the morning, the hurried and stressed people have to wait outside.

‘Help the elderly’ was the plea of various governments. In times of Corona, they were the most vulnerable. In times of Corona, they were the ones that had to stay at home and were the highest at risk being exposed to others. In Times of Corona elderly homes turned into fortresses.

In Times of Corona, we became aware of those that were once like us, and we will be one day.

The ones that were once parents, grandparents, youngsters, business leaders, sales people, adventurers or travellers, dreamers and doers, philosophers and pragmatics, admired and loved, living up to their vision and values. In times of Corona, we learned to respect and love them again or more, to close them in our hearts and minds, not to let them go to the virus.

New Warriors

Besides the elderly, there were the patients at risk to which risky behaviour of others could be fatal. They were self-quarantined, pleading others to flatten the curve as soon as possible, because for them the lockdown meant being locked-up.

They are often seen as the weaker of our society, the ones with the diseases and disabilities, the once that struggle daily for their life or their health; against the pain or the disease.

But how weak are people who cannot take their life nor health for granted?

How weak are those who fight every day, every second, who got beaten down every once in a while, but manage to gather the courage, the energy and the motivation to get up again and continue their journey regardless? Watching these warriors locked-up with mouth masks before the majority of their compatriots got locked down made us aware of their unique strength; and the respect they deserve.


A similar comparison goes up for those who are sensitive, emotional or psychological vulnerable. Showing emotions is often regarded as showing weakness. Admitting you are struggling psychologically, or physically, admitting you are exhausted in one way or the other, is often been considered as a sign of weakness.

But isn’t it feeling what makes us human? Isn’t it brave to go out in the arena of life and expose yourself to the emotions and experiences that make you feel, that make you tired, that make you laugh and cry; rather than not going out in the arena all together or being cut off by reality around you by pulling up a wall or wearing a bulletproof harness?

Those who catch the bullets are not foolish for not wearing a harness, they are brave for catching them, strong for dealing with them, and wise for deciding which ones they should fight, could fight, and would fight, and when they have to take a rest before continuing their path.

The harnessed ones who continue life regardless what comes their way, and don’t let it have a real impact, are not stronger.

Contrary, throughout life they’ll become dependent on their harness to protect them, for they are not building any strength or wisdom to cope with life’s bullets. Once their harnesses fall off, they’ll recognise the real strength of the others, while the others will take care of their vulnerability.

In times of Corona, I’ve seen how weak the harnesses were of many, and how fighting together through this made everyone stronger. In times of Corona, we became aware of what we were trying to hide, and learned to respect those who don’t hide.

Essential Workers

A similar division we experience often between different jobs. Jobs that are regarded as better than others, yet, in times of Corona, we became aware how arbitrary this division is. ‘We are normally the ones looked down on, not making as big a living as our friends,’ said a nurse one day, ‘but we are the ones having our job still, while they don’t.’

She wasn’t alone. In times of Corona various jobs became obsolete, while we became aware of these ‘essential’ workers.

We should not measure each other’s values in terms of money or power, but in terms of meaning. This might be meaning for society, but as well, meaning for your own circle and yourself. With that kind of mindset, we should re-establish respect for certain professions we underestimated or did not valued enough; starting with the health care sector, but going way beyond.


In times of Corona the masks fell off, we became aware of our role in society and the role of others; we became aware of how we regard others and how others regard us. While we were all struggling, everybody in their own way, we learned the be grateful and respectful, for the health care workers, for our family members and friends, for the teachers, for the older ones and the younger ones. We learned we are all together in this, and we need each other to go through this, all in our own way, at our own pace, all with our own skills and value, our own vision and mission. Therefore, respect.

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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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