[216] Hope after Corona – Key to Manage Life

Only facing a crisis, we explore our real potential, and encounter our real identity. Only facing the limits of our existence, we push the limits of our creativity and resiliency.

At the beginning of Corona, I wrote “Be calm. Be Resilient. This too shall pass.” We did not know what was coming, but we knew we had to face the storm, rather than hiding for it, allow the wind and the rain to beat down on us, rather than avoiding it.

We had to brace for impact, but allow the impact nonetheless to knock us over; smoother and softer because we were prepared, but knocked-over nonetheless. We had to allow the storm to lift us of our feet, in the fate that we would one day be able to wake up, stand up and continue to walk.

When facing a tremendous storm, it is often better to be like the palm tree, surrender to the rain, but don’t drown, bend with the wind, but don’t break, dance and tremble on the vibrations of nature, but have faith in the strength of your roots.

The world around us will change, we will change with it, but our core remains the same.

In our core shelters our inner compass, our values and vision, our qualities and skills, our knowledge and wisdom, our tools to survive. Therefore, I wrote: “Be calm, be resilient, this too shall pass.”


The changed world resulted in changed needs.

Those who went along with those changes fare well, those who tried to fight, struggled. Companies that adapted to the new economic needs fare well, restaurants became meal deliverers, car manufacturers became ventilator producers. Companies that resisted, closed the doors.

Employers that adapted to the new professional needs fare well, offices were moved to home-offices, meetings went online. Employers that resisted, lost employees, customers, and thrust. People that adapted to the new psychological needs, fare well, they worked on a new work-life balance, opened up their hearts and minds for the new wave of emotions that kicked them off their feet, and licked their wounds.

People that resisted, were lost.

Change Management

The world is change, we don’t live in a vacuum, nor in a theatre play. Everything around us moves and so do we. Sometimes we have no choice, other times we are the ones that make a move. In all cases however, we have the choice to manage the change, no matter how limited our choices are to manage it.

When the storm knocks us over and drifts us away from everything we know, we still have the choice how we deal with the unknown. This does not mean we have to hide for feelings of anxiety, sadness, nor madness.

This does not mean we have to ignore the changes, and neglect the wounds it has caused.

In contrary, it means we have to explore our new situation, explore our new limitations, and our new starting point. Accepting this new starting point, rather than trying to start off from what once was, gives you a head start, since you don’t have to close the gap with your past anymore. Here you are. Here and now.

Changed Start

Further on, it means we have to explore our new feelings, and thoughts; accept them, feel them, sit in them, let them take you off your feet once again if necessary, but have thrust you’ll come down again and there you’ll still be: the core of your identity; not the material translation, but the pure centre of your being.

Once you’re there, you explored the new situation, the new feelings, the new starting point; set a new destination, aligned with your value and vision within the changed setting.

Connect the dots and start moving again.

The world has changed, but so can you. It does not make sense to fight the change, since it will make you struggle more. It does make sense to thrust on your core to find a new way in the changed surroundings.

In our fast-changing world, we’ll need change management more than ever, on all levels and all domains of life. Have thrust, we made it through Covid-19, we might have been through another big change already, and we will make it through many more changes to come. If ever facing a change again, and doubt arises if the other side will be achievable, think of the Times of Corona, and see how we did.

Knowing how to manage changes, is the key to manage your life.



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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark times.

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