[219] Hope after Corona – Travel the World, Travel your Heart

Corona stopped us from consuming, it stopped us as well from travelling. Yet, if we are about to step back in the world, we must reflect on every step we are about to take, for us, for others, and for the planet.

Connected City

The reason why Covid-19 became an international pandemic was because of our hyperconnected world. The virus travelled together with people out of Wuhan, China, all over the world. Wuhan is an 11-million city, with a buzzing global trade centre.

Moreover, the virus broke out one month before the Chinese New Year would result in the largest annual human migration. For January 2020 the Chinese government expected 79 million trips to be taken by plane and 440 million by train.

Connected Mind

The virus started in Wuhan, but it could have started anywhere, any day. Our world is connected, and so are our hearts and minds. An open world gives us the opportunity to open up our hearts and minds for different cultures and people, we might never have heard of before. Therefore, travelling is important, exploring the world can be life changing.

On the road you’ll gain insights you’ll never find if you would have stayed at home.

It softens and hardens your heart at the same time, it makes you more compassionate, understanding and empathic, as well as more mature, toughened up, and resilient.

Relative Mind

You learn to bend with life, as life bends with you. You learn to be prepared for the unexpected while hoping for the best. You learn to speak to any person even not speaking the same language; and you learn speaking the same language doesn’t necessarily makes you understand each other more.

You learn the relativity of your own mindset, your own culture, your own perspective.

Only in the distance between you and your beloved ones and your beloved places, can arise the light that unveils the good, the bad, and the ugly of what you ever had taken for granted; of what you thought always was and always would be. Only in this distance, you can discover the abnormality of ‘normal’, the relativity of values and norms, the construction of culture.

Seeking Mind

In travelling far away from everything that you once called home, leaving behind the material elements you thought that defined you, the actions that shaped your identity, you learn that you can come home everywhere, for home is not a place, but a feeling.

Stripped of all external defining elements of your life, you learn who you really are. In the vacuum between leaving and arriving, you come closer to yourself. With every step you take away, you step up for yourself and towards yourself. With every breath of alien air you take, you breathe more yourself.

Within the silence of the unknown, you get to know yourself.

Keep in mind that there is no minimum distance you should travel, as you might have experienced in times of Corona; where you were limited to your own country or area. All over the world I’ve heard stories of people discovering new areas around them, new people, new perspectives. As long as you go out and look for the unknown, open your heart and mind for the unknown, you will get to know.

Sustainable Mind

These advantages of travelling can only be beneficial of they don’t take advantage of anything or anyone else. The world is not a gigantic zoo; a collection of artificial small universes where you pass by as a spectator.

The world is a dynamic whole of various places that people and animals call their home.

No matter how different that home looks to you, it must be respected as it was your home. No matter how different those people are from you, they must be treated as they were your loved ones. No matter how different nature looks to you, it must be treated as the precious ecosystem you would love to see your own children grow up in.

Go out in the world, explore and travel, but only in a way your behaviour could be repeated by millions of people without leaving any damage. Go out in the world, but only in a way you treat the world as your home, the people as your family, the nature as a precious gift.

If you can’t travel with this in mind, if you can’t travel with respect for others, you shouldn’t travel at all.

Go out in the world, by taking the world in your heart, or not go at all.


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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark time.

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