[224] Hope After Corona – Economic Growth, or Green Growth?

Economic growth or green growth? In the aftermath of Corona some companies and governments are delaying green regulations to stimulate the economic growth, while others are precisely pulling the green card to win the economic game. This is why Green Growth can be a game changer.

I wrote in the last column about how jobs are essential for our survival, and how they got abused by politicians to score political points. Of course, now we face job losses, all eyes are on those who can bring our jobs back.

Holy Trinity

However, the question might be if we should turn to the old normal. Why blowing life into a dying system, if we could blow all that energy into a promising newborn? As various countries, cities and companies have already understood: sustainable economic growth is green growth.

In those sectors we will be able to create genuine sustainable jobs, who serve the holy trinity of people, planet and profit.

Failure is Not an Option

As Europe experiences the droughts, and Australia goes from flooding into bush fires and vice versa, island states and coastal areas are not only trying to keep up with the rising sea level, but as well with the increasing strength of hurricanes. Climate change is real, and it is happening now. Therefore, sooner or later, and better the sooner than the later, the entire world will be forced to shift to emission free technologies, transport and energy, heating and cooling, production and consumption.

Moreover, if it wasn’t for climate change, it was for the fact of pollution is killing people, animals and nature directly. Not only were people living in air polluted areas more vulnerable in times of Corona, they are so at any times. Besides air pollution, our water and soil are polluted as well because of chemicals finding their way from production lines to waterways, as well as waste. Via water and soil, they get absorbed by the plants, the vegetables and fruit, and the animals living on it; which eventually ends up on in our food chain, and hence in our own bodies.

Killing us slowly with plastic particles and chemicals, rather than with words.

Failing in addressing ecologic problems is not an option. If we do not switch to green, sustainable, technologies, we continue to dig our own grave. Moreover, the longer we wait to switch, the more graves we dig, the more costs, energy and effort it will take, and the less economic growth you will create; hence transitioning to green economic growth is eventually the best economic option.

A Chance we have to take

Therefore, rather than considering this economic crisis as a challenge, we can see it as a chance to rebuild or economy for the better. Moreover, the way some companies dealt with Covid-19, by converting their production lines or supply chains, the way of working and even the purpose of working, has undermined all arguments that were previously used to stop the green economic transition.

People are resilient. Companies are flexible. Governments know how to incentivise certain behaviour and sectors, and downplay others. Countries can come up with holistic strategies to align us with the same values, norms, and vision.

The world has shown we can address global problems together.

There has been a lot of criticism, and not everything went smooth and perfect; however, do you blame a child that learns how to walk for falling down, or wiggling like a penguin? This was the first time we seriously attacked a global problem that involved all domains of life, all countries, all global citizens; at this pace and of this level. Even tough, we have had global problems together before, such as the gap in the ozone layer, or the eradication of measles; none of them required such a holistic, fast-paced transition as we’ve done with Covid-19.

Reawake Now

Precisely what happened with Corona, must happen with our environmental problems: we have to get all eyes in the same direction; we have to create a holistic vision of where we want to go to, a dedicated mission to reach our destination, and moreover, we have to align all norms, and values to get there. It won’t be a they or us story, it will be an all of us story.

We need every single person to get on board of this green economic growth ship.

Any other ship will be sink shortly. If it won’t be the bush fires, it will be the drought; if it won’t be the hurricanes, it will be the flooding; if it won’t be the air pollution, it will be the water and soil pollution; if it won’t be the poisoning consumption, it will be the production.

Moreover, aligning economic values with ecologic values will always be the best long-term strategy.

Various studies show time over time how a green economy will create jobs, can save lives by improving health and reducing polluters and climate change, while still creating economic growth.

Hence, delaying green growth to create economic growth is a choice, not a necessity.

In times of crisis, we unplug our ability to be innovative, resilient and flexible, so let’s use this potential to play another game. Pull the green card to win the economic game, and you’ll be on a long-term run.


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