[229] Hope after Corona – Fatamorgana or Oasis?

An oasis during quarantine life could be found in parks and urban greenery, a little bit of green to forget the darkness. In a postcorona world, nature should stay an essential part of our lives, rather than being reduced to a fatamorgana, an imaginary creature of our thirsty minds.

Here are ten reasons why nature makes us more resilient; why nature needs us and we need nature.

  1. Buffer to buzzling life

It’s just natural, but we might have forgotten it in our busy lives. No matter what storm comes up, nature always provides this place to reconnect with yourself, with the earth, with life. No matter how small they are, from New York’s iconic Hyde Park to the green square around your corner, Urban greenery serves as a buffer against the buzzling city life, a city trip within the city, a gateway, an escape to recharge your batteries.

  1. Common Connection

In nature, you don’t only connect with yourself and nature, but with others as well. Nature seems to lift up this kind of social boundaries and anonymity of cities. Whereas you would pass each other unnoticed in the traffic congested streets, in park lanes you nod or greet each other.

  1. Fair Fantasy

Nature invites not only to socialise with strangers, but as well with your loved ones. It invites not only to calm down and reconnect, but to play and activate your fantasy. Children running over the grass, behind nothing more than butterflies or imaginary creatures. Adults playing football or frisbeeing, holding picknicks, barbeques and conversations that take the mind back and forward between fantasy and reality.

  1. Active Adrenaline

Not only the mind and the fantasy are activated in nature, but so is the body. From walking to running, from hiking to rock climbing, from cycling to stepping. The park lanes are yours, not of motorised vehicles. Nature invites the body to move within its own boundaries, while feeding the longs with better quality air, and allowing feet to bounce softly on the softened soil.

  1. Natural Need

While being in nature, running and playing around, or just sitting and breathing, we reconnect with that what always has been in our nature. We live of water, air and food created in and by nature, we know naturally how to deal with it, unfortunately our artificial societies and tools have distanced us from it. But being there, just enjoying greenery, we might feel how it fills us with aesthetic pleasure, with a true feeling of belonging, and respect and gratitude for what is the real basic of our existence. Where it all started, and it all ends.

  1. Circular City Life

Nature attracts nature. The more we allow nature to grow, the more it will grow. The more flowers and plants we allow to live in our cities, the more life will live there. It is a natural circle, which we too often have made broken, but which we can fix by allowing nature to come back in our cities, back in our lives. Plants need birds and bees to grow, to spread their seeds and be fertilized to carry fruits. The more plants and flowers we allow to be around us, the more birds and bees will find their way, and spread life. We need them for our survival, and they need us for their survival.

  1. Rewarding Resilience

What we naturally know, has been lately confirmed by a wide array of scientific studies: being in contact with nature increases your psychological resiliency and mental health. A Danish study found if children had more access to green spaces, they developed less psychological problems in adolescence and adulthood. All the before-mentioned advantages of greenery have a huge impact on our psychological well-being. Nature makes us more resilient, and therefore, we have to make nature more resilient as well. By giving it back the space it needs and it deserves, not only in our cities, but as well in our lives and in our hearts.

  1. Purifying Anti-Pollutant

Another way how nature blows life in our lives, is by the tremendous impact it has on air quality. Especially in cities where pollution by traffic happens at breathing level, blowing harmful particulars right into our longs, we need urban greenery to physically buffer against these monstrous engines, as well as to purify the overall air around our cities. If only we would build lanes of trees on every lane or street, if only we would build more square metres of greenery for every square metre of concrete, we could tip the balance again, and make air breathable, the city liveable.

  1. Carbon Sink

Moreover, nature serves as huge carbon storage units. They don’t only purify the air, creating oxygen we can breathe, but they store harmful carbon dioxide in their core. Carbon dioxide is one of the green house gases released when burning fossil fuels, that released the beast of climate change. The warmer the planet becomes, the more unliveable for life as we know it; which includes not only plants and animals, but human life as well.

  1. Cooling the City

This warming of the earth is even more tangible in cities. Our concrete jungles absorb more heath than a natural jungle does. As a result, cities are on average a few degrees hotter than natural surrounding areas. A few degrees means a lot in terms of climate change and overall life quality. This urban heath island effect however, can be reversed by allowing nature back in our cities. From green roofs and walls, over parks and lanes of trees; urban greenery has to find its way back to the city, to cool it down.


In a nutshell, during Covid-19 we found our way back to the local parks, the urban greenery and nature around us. We rediscovered its benefits, its gifts, and our needs. Moreover, it helped us to come through this crisis, and all the before-mentioned advantages show how nature, being forests or urban greenery, will help us to overcome any crisis in the future, from a personal one to a global one as climate change or a pandemic. We need nature, and nature needs us.

Allow nature to be the oasis it can be, and not merely a fatamorgana of our thirsty souls.


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