[239] Hope after Corona – World After Corona [recap]

For the day after tomorrow, when we open our doors and borders again, I hope we open our hearts and minds as well. Don’t let this crisis go to waste.

Before you continue reading, read how Life was before, and during Corona.

For the day after tomorrow, I hope we look inwards before walking out again. For the day after tomorrow, I hope we don’t ignore the cracks which Corona made visible. For the day after tomorrow, I hope we don’t hide behind shaming and blaming, but that we stand up, act upon the problems we are facing, and stand together to stand strong.

Real sustainability respects the three P’s, as they say. The first stands for Planet. The environmental concerns, such as waste reduction, reforestation, protection of water, air and other resources, living with respect for nature over time and distance. Profit stands for the financial sustainability, making profit now without harming others, over time and distance. While People stands for us, respecting human rights, well-being of employees, and all people living on this planet, over time and distance.

Organising life, the economy and the world according to these three parameters guarantees more resilience to cope with crises as well, being it a health crisis, an economic crisis or another natural disaster.

If we stop living on the edge, we will be less likely to fall off the edge when crisis hits.


Our planet is our home. It is where we find food, shelter, water and company. If we destroy our homes, how would we be able to find any of those; how would we be able to survive? We are consuming and abusing our planet, rather than using it. We don’t give back in an equal way as what we take; we deplete the planet.

Earth overshoot day, the day we have used more resources than the planet can produce in one year, comes every year sooner and sooner. Our ecologic footprints are way bigger than the earth could tolerate. It isn’t a matter of ‘if’ the planet will collapse under our pressure, it is a matter of ‘when’.

But we have a choice. We can choose to shift a society dictated by economic interests solely to a society where profit stands next to planet and people. We can choose to make the transition from fossil fuel driven industry to an industry based on renewable energy and natural materials – plastic is derived from fossil fuel as well. We can choose to find meaning in living and experience rather than in consumption and material stuff.

If we don’t make the choice, life – or the planet – will make the choice for us.

Every system strives for balance; therefore, the periods of drought are followed by flooding, the periods of peace by storm. As such, the planet might survive and obtain its balance again, as what happened after the dinosaurs where wept out. These almighty creatures turned out not to be as almighty after all.


In addition, we have the choice for a more equitable market as well. A market that doesn’t make the poor more poor and only the already wealthy more wealthy – within countries and between countries. A market that is not determined by a few key companies solely, which set the price and the market. We can choose for a market with more small local players, rather than big international concerns. This choice benefits not only the profit of the small players, but as well the life quality of the people and of the planet.

As well we can choose to strive for other than material and monetizable rewards at work. We can bring back meaning to the table; meaning in what we do, the services we provide, the products we deliver, the experiences we create. Profit is an important goal to keep a company alive, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

Because when the money is gone, nothing else will be left.


On top of that we can build our economy back around its people, both as consumers and as producers, as clients and as service providers. We should humanise one another again. If we run a business, we manage people, no numbers. If we help a client, we are helping a person, not an invoice.

By humanising one another, we make our society more human.

On the work floor and in our personal lives, we should rethink the work-life balance. We work for a living, we don’t live to work. Besides being part of a company, we are part of a family, a friend group, and especially part of our own lives.

Whenever we buy a service or a product, we should understand that we are buying from a person, that we are paying their salary, and that we earn our salary by helping other people. We are connected and need one another more than we think. Especially during an economic crisis, as the one following Corona.

For the day after tomorrow, I hope we put the planet and the people on the same line as profit. Only that way, we can rebuild a sustainable, liveable and resilient society, ready to survive the next storm.


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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark time.

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