[240] Hope after Corona – Conclusion

Change is the heart beat of our lives. From the economic conjuncture to the changing day and night, life goes in waves, and once we survived a wave such as the Great Pandemic, we can prepare for the next one, and the next one. Not by being afraid, but by being resilient

At the beginning of Corona, I wrote ‘Be Calm. Be Resilient. This too shall pass.’ Covid-19 hasn’t passed yet, but some countries already lived through the worse part of it.

Precisely in these three words lays the secret of surviving a crisis as such.

Be calm.

Be calm to let your emotions get back on their feet; to let the dust of confusion and fear settle down; to gain a clear vision and understanding of what really is going on. Be calm to save energy, strength, and power; which you will need to pass through the actual storm. Be calm to reassure one another, panic does kill.

Moreover, be calm to take deliberate action. Assess the situation, the cause, the real problem, the potential solutions, the first actions to take, the following ones. Assess the information, the facts, the fictions, the gaps in the knowledge, the hypotheses. Assess your own situation, what is the real risk, how can you decrease it; what is the real consequence, how can you prepare for it?

Be resilient.

A crisis as Corona confronts us with the one thing most of us fear the most: incertitude. There are more questions than answers, and even the answers are vague. From one moment into another we fall in the big gap of the Big Unknown. Precisely here, we have to remain resilient.

Be resilient. Know what you can and cannot control. Know what you can and cannot change. Know what you can and cannot expect. Take control of that what you can. Change that what you can. Expect the worse, but hope for the best.

Be resilient. If you have taken the preparations you could, no more, no less; then remain calm and resilient. Brace for impact while focusing on living here and now. Focus on breathing when you feel like it’s all lost and you lose control. Bring your mind and body back to the present, know you are prepared the best as you could, which might not be the best preparation of the century, but it is the best you could with the knowledge and means you had at that moment.

Be resilient. Focus on the good, while not ignoring the bad and the ugly. Focus on gratitude for what is left, not on pity for what is gone. Focus on your thoughts and emotions, let them be, don’t ignore them, but give them space and time to heal. Set them free, that will set you free.

This too shall pass.

When being calm and resilient, know the storm will come, sweep you off your feet, and leave you feel devastated, regardless how good you were prepared. Don’t fear or despair, because this is all part of it. You are ready, you were calm and resilient, thrust on your own preparedness. It might not look that way, it might not feel that way, but you are more resilient than you think.

Once the storm has set in, hold on. Hold on to your beliefs, your values, and the knowledge you gathered by being calm and resilient in the first place. Hold on to gratitude and love for yourself, for your loved ones, for life as such.

Hold on, have faith. This too shall pass.

Covid came, it made a mess, but eventually it will pass. Leaving a mess behind, but at least a mess we owe; a mess we can give meaning to, and walk out; a mess we can learn lessons off and use for a better future. A mess that showed us the cracks of the system, as well as of our own lives. A mess that showed us how it can all be different from day to day.

A mess that showed us how everything is change, but how we can overcome by being calm, and resilient, and having faith that this too shall pass.


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Or wait until tomorrow, when I’ll shine another light on yet another positive corner of this dark time.

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